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TJ Miller

Let's build something incredible together.

Drawing from over a decade love affair with Laravel and a relentless fascination for Large Language Models (LLMs), I'm here to amplify your applications and help you take them to the next level.

Integrating LLMs and LLM Workflows into Laravel Applications

Are you considering adding LLMs to your Laravel applications? Great! Together, we can weave these robust LLM workflows into your applications!

Laravel Application Development

Having spent 11 years with Laravel, including 7 of those building and developing large enterprise applications, I'm eager to lend my experience to your projects. Together, we can bring your Laravel vision to life.

Kick off your journey with GenAI and LLMs

I've crafted a 40-minute talk covering the basics of LLMs, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Agents, and Agentic workflows. I shared a version of this presentation at PHP[tek] and the Laravel Worldwide Meetup livestream. If you're curious about LLMs, this could set you off in the right direction.

Tweet from a happy client about my talk

Command Line Interfaces with Go

Interested in creating unparalleled command line experiences? Let's create some CLIs with Go.

Containerizing Laravel Applications

Let's consider containerizing your Laravel application. It's practical and very efficient—it's kind of like deploying in a breeze. More importantly, it will enhance your app's consistency and scalability. Ready to see how?

Whether you want to brainstorm, overcome that problem you've been beating your head against, don't hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to finding success together!

Feel free to reach out on Twitter or shoot an email to hey[at]