TJ Miller


Building Package Installers


Building package installers for Laravel and Lumen packages to make it super easy to get up and running.

Verifying Laravel Version Compatibility


Verifying Laravel version compatibility with TravisCI for package development.

Abstracting Request Keys


In an API’s codebase, it's a good idea to abstract the keys for the requests and responses on top of your data layer. This is a key step to making it easier for your codebase to evolve and still uphold your API contract.

Sentry Logging in Laravel


Using Sentry for Laravel application logging.

Linking Vessel Projects Together


Vessel is a great project, lets walk through linking multiple Vessel projects together.

Using Middleware to Configure a Service Class


Using HTTP middleware to configure a service class based on the request in Laravel.

Separate Interactive Test Suites


Using separate test suites in a Laravel project with PHPUnit.

An Approach to Testing Middleware


I’ve always tested middleware in one of two ways, a unit test with mocks and asserting the callback in the `handle` method or integration tests on application routes.